How to install


How to integrate a LegacyXYZ guestbook into your website

  1. First, register your website/project on legacy-xyz and submit your project information.
  2. Once you've successfully registered your project, install our npm package
yarn add legacy-xyz


npm install legacy-xyz

legacy-xyz includes with 2 components: SignLegacy prompts users to sign and, SignersList displays all the signatures of everyone who's visited your site).

  1. To import the components:
import {SignLegacy, SignersList} from 'legacy-xyz';

export function default YourApp() {
  return (
    <SignLegacy projectId="legacyxyz" />
    <SignersList projectId="legacyxyz" />

In V2, we plan to integrate a social graph so that your project can be discoverable by other signers across the internet.