Introducing Legacy XYZ


Build your web3 legacy. A new era of social proof, and discovery of content.

At Legacy, our vision is to anyone to create a collection of their digital footprint and have a keepsake of all the digital content they've visited in one place. For V1, we currently support integration of signing and display of guestbooks.

For anyone who's built a project or personal website and wants to invite readers/consumers to leave their digital signature, use our package to leave digital signatures on your webpage.

Supported wallets

Current version only supports injected wallet providers - Coinbase Wallet and Metamask. We plan to add support for WalletConnect and more in the future depending on demand.


Code is all opensource at legacy_xyz. Please file a ticket or open a pull request!

Send us Arweave

We maintain your projects and signatures on chain. This costs Arweave. We would be eternally grateful if you send us Arweave to this address AaaKkDKK4yEllFoZtzv_oFjtlw7LjCZzhpZRWThIJqA to keep this project going.


This project was inspired by made by Jacky Zhao, Jasmine Wang and other technologists from the organization along with the general digital garden movement.

From seeing how powerful it is to have supporters add their digital signatures to projects and websites they support, we developed an npm package that can easily be added to any existing websites to have any online "guests" sign in to show they visited a website. As visiting personal sites are almost like visiting someone's digital home! 🌱 🏡 ❤️